Directors and Volunteers wanted for ILA

Directors required

Enthusiastic Leaseholder(s) required to be volunteer ILA Directors, helping to improve the situation of Islington leaseholders – duties would include attending monthly Directors meetings, occasionally attending monthly ILA Forum meetings, gathering neighbouring leasehold information on an ad hoc basis to pass on to other leaseholders.

Volunteers wanted for ILA
The ILA is looking for a volunteer to be co-opted to the ILA Board of Directors to assist with the monthly leaseholder meetings. This would include taking monthly minutes, typing up and distributing to all Directors, recording attendance and other administration tasks.
We are also looking for community minded volunteers with various skills for occasional projects e.g, professional experience in law, accounting, surveying, occasional investigation work, as well as people with skills in social networking, promotion, DTP, a sponsorship and advertising manager (for newsletter & website), journalist to improve ILA image and/or contribute to newsletter and/or website, contributors to write to press/contact media re: Leaseholder concerns.

If interested please:
email:     or
write to : ILA, Po Box 66633 , London N1 1AA


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