Disband HFI petition passes 250 signatures in 2 weeks

Dear Friends,

The Disband HFI petition has just past its first milestone – more than 250 signatures (so far…!!):

 The petition has just over six weeks more to run, but in order to make a big IMPRESSION we need to let more people know about the petition and help anyone having difficulty. We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has already signed. We’d also like to thank everyone who has sent us ideas, comments and in general very positive feedback – this petition belongs to all who sign it – we’re counting on your help and support. A little energy on everyone’s part could make a noise the Islington couldn’t ignore.

 To HELP Volunteers:

The Disband HFI website is now updated with downloadable paper petition forms, a poster as well as smaller flyers – all available from the “YOU CAN HELP” button on the left had side – www.disbandhfi.org.uk We would be very grateful if you could encourage other Islington residents and citizens to support the petition initiative – Write and forward emails to others who lives / works / studies in Islington. Signing the petition is not limited to one person per household (though each email address needs to be unique for verification purposes)!

 Do you have access to a printer?

This initiative is entirely unfunded and depends on supporters to promote the petition with others in the Borough, perhaps you could display a poster, share flyers or complete paper petition forms (for anyone who does not have access to an email address). More info www.disbandhfi.org.uk

Tell your friends and anyone else who might be interested

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