Billions of taxpayers money wasted by council on PFI schemes says Gazette

Residents will pay almost £1billion into the hands of big business and banks as a result of expensive contracts agreed by Islington Council.

Treasury figures obtained by the Gazette show £358million was borrowed from Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes, which will rocket to £1.3 billion – almost four times the initial outlay – by the time it is paid off in 2037.

This means £943million extra will be paid by Islington taxpayers, though this figure does include maintenance on the projects for the length of the contracts.  more


ILA monthly meet Wed. 09 Nov 2011

Islington Leaseholders Monthly Meeting is

Wednesday 09  November 2011


Islington Town Hall Chambers


7pm – 9pm

Hosting the meeting Dr Brian Potter Chairman ILA


Guest Speaker:-                     2 Legal Representative from “LEASE”  

Please tell all leaseholders on your Estates and in Street

properties to attend especially those who do not have email.


Dr B.S. Potter ILA Chairman


t. @ilaorguk


My upstairs neighbour has flooded me again!

LEASEHOLDER NITTY GRITTY – What do you do about it?

Twice now, my leaseholder neighbour living upstairs has sent water through my ceiling to drip on my furniture and carpets. First their faulty toilet, then their washing machine overflowed. Actually, the leaseholders were different because the upstairs property changed hands between the two events.   More..