Leasehold Insurance Policy Powerpoint Presentation & check your premium 04.12

Enclosed is the London Borough of Islington/Homes for Islington Leasehold Insurance Policy Powerpoint Presentation made by LBI brokers JLT last night to the ILA meeting. Thanks to JLT and LBI for answering questions. Insurance PPS presentation to ILA by HFI LBI JLT – 04.2012


Leaseholder may find it instructive to confirm their insurance premium is being correctly calculated by multiplying the “rebuild value” of their property by the current premium rate used of 0.1249% to obtain your annual insurance premium cost. eg £200K rebuild cost X current premium rate 0.1249%.= £249.80 You can obtain the “rebuild value” of your property from your relevant managing agent e.g. Council , HFI or Partners.

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