ILA meet Wed 10th Oct 2012

Islington Leaseholders Association



Wednesday 10 Oct 2012


Islington Town Hall


7pm – 9pm

Hosting the meeting: Dr Brian Potter Chairman ILA

Guest Speakers: A power point presentation by two ‘LEASE’ solicitors on on how to extend your lease (by 99 years), including any problems and cost. Also, all of the information needed to “take ownership” of your windows…

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ILA – volunteers wanted
The ILA is looking for a ‘secretary’ to take minutes and distribute them regularly to all the directors and asks for a volunteer to undertake this essential part of the work, to assist the smooth running of the organisation.  If your interested please contact us here.

If you wish to join or renew your membership please contact our website where you can obtain the appropriate membership forms here .

Please impress upon any other leaseholders that it is in their interest to attend these meetings regularly…….

For those of you unable to obtain last weeks Islington Gazette dated 20 September 2012, please click here.

Leasehold Extension Guide

Keith Greensted, MRICS of Warmans Surveying has provided the attached  guide with FAQ and illustration of how premiums are calculated for Leasehold Extensions,  which will hopefully deal with the main issues and leaseholders rights under the 1993 Leasehold Reform & Urban Development Act (As Amended).
There is also a sample report which is indicative of a typical valuation and advice provided.

Lease Extension – FAQ & Illustration of Costs

Sample – Lease Extension Report

‘Legalised money laundering’ by Islington Council – Gazette Letter of the week

For those of you unable to obtain last weeks Islington Gazette dated 6 September 2012.

Please click here  IslingtonGazetteLetters06.09.12

The Islington Gazette – Thursday 6 September 2012  , Page 18 – Letters

1)      Letter of the week – ‘Legalised money laundering’ by Council

By Dr Brian Potter, Islington Leaseholders Association/

Federation of Islington Tenants Association

2)      Leaseholders – A silence that is far from golden

By Kay Newsom, Islington Leaseholders Association member

 3)      Democracy – Champions must not be chumps

By Richard Rosser Highbury New Park. N5

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ILA Meet Wed 12.9.12

Islington Leaseholders Meeting

Wednesday 12 September 2012
in    Islington Town Hall Chambers
at     7 – 9pm
Hosting the meeting:- Dr Brian Potter
Guest Speakers:- A local surveyor advising on Lease Extensions
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Please impress upon any other leaseholder’s that you know that it is in their interest to attend these meetings regularly…
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Islington Council must face investigation for scandal of contractor overpayments

Islington Gazette reports calls for investigation into Islington Coucil “…Islington council had a vested interest in overcharging by contractors …… The message being sent out to contractors by Islington council is ” if you get caught overcharging, don’t worry we will pay the legal cost with public money to defend your actions…..”

Full   Islington Gazette  articles here  

Islington town hall’s ‘sweetheart deal’ with building firm is condemned

A legitimate arrangement between the council and building firm Kier, which ran from 2000 to 2010, saw each party receive £12.1million of taxpayers’ money over the ten-year period.

The council confirm that the share they received will be spent on building new homes, but many leaseholders, who are charged for repair work, feel they are entitled to some kind of rebate because they believe they paid their share of the full estimate, not the actual cost.

Full   Islington Gazette article articles here  

New Fire Safety Rules about your front door

Have you received a letter from Home Ownership recently on this topic?
‘Leaseholders have a duty to ensure the from door to their front door is fire and smoke resistant (for up to 30 minutes)’
‘London Fire Brigade may take action to enforce the required improvements’.
Have you wondered what you should do?
When I rang for advice, the Fire Brigade duty officer knew nothing about it and the project team listed in the letter were on annual leave.
This is what I did.
I measured the width of my door. It was the required 44 mm thick.
The door was of solid wood when I knocked on it several times.
I bought a PERCO-Invisible Door Closer for £15.58 at  278 Holloway Road, and found it in the Highbury Barn hardware shop.
My carpenter is coming to fit this closer as soon as he can after I come back from holiday myself.
Let us see what more Home Ownership want us leaseholders to do to our doors.
Miranda Perfitt
Disclaimer: This is for your info only,  you follow it at your own risk,  as the ILA are not insured to give advice.

TREMLETT GROVE LVT Findings summary

 This is a precis of the ruling earlier this year by the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal regarding work that took pace on the Tremlett Grove Estate. The case featured on the Dispatches programme broadcast on Monday 20th August 2012.
It is written by a layperson, not a lawyer, and should not be relied upon for legal use or to encourage you to take legal action. It is written for your information.
If you wish to dispute your bill in any courts or at the LVT, the ILA  strongly suggest you should always seek legal advice from lawyers experienced in UK leasehold contracts.  You can find the original decision at the Lands Tribunal website.
The actual costs involved are detailed in Appendix 1 on page 27 of the actual LVT ruling