ILA Meet Wed 8.8.12

Islington Leaseholders Meeting
Wednesday 8 August 2012
Islington Town Hall Chambers
7 – 9pm
Hosting the meeting:- Dr Brian Potter
Guest Speakers:- To be advised
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Please impress upon any other leaseholder’s that you know that it is in their interest to attend these meetings regularly…

Please see Dr Potters letter published in the Islington Tribune on 20 July 2012 –

Out in the cold in race to be champion.

ILA monthly meet 11.07.12

Islington Leaseholders Meeting 

on Wednesday  11th  July 2012

in Islington Town Hall Chambers

at   7 – 9pm
Hosting the meeting:- Dr Brian Potter
Guest Speakers:- LEASE solicitors
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Potter rubbishes powerless “Housing Executive”

Many residents will by now have received the latest of Islington Council’s proclamations entitled “Your housing service needs you!” in which they attempt to convince us that they are genuinely intending to promote meaningful consultation in the borough.
Sadly, although not in the least unexpected, I fear that once again they are desperately trying to sell us another of their “Chocolate Teapot” promotions. … council officers have euphemistically titled the proposed new main assembly “The Islington Housing Executive”, however, since this particular body is simply there to observe the council’s decisions, without the power to either reverse or prevent their implementation, what they truly represent is, in reality, a loosely camouflaged replica  of the old ALMO board of directors, claiming to be tenant representatives!
So…all in all…absolute rubbish…!
Why waste public money on this nonsense, when all that is in fact required, is a scrutiny panel,comprised of delegates from the main housing bodies in the borough, charged with reporting their findings directly back to their organisations, and afforded the power to ameliorate, or even, if necessary, challenge unacceptable council decisions…!!!
Dr B. S. Potter.
Chairman: – Islington Leaseholders Association (ILA)

ILA AGM & Meeting Wed 13 June 2012


Islington Leaseholders Association


(meeting in public)

Wednesday 13th June 2012, 7pm

Main Council Chamber, Islington Town Hall,

Upper Street N1




Introduction and Annual General Meeting 2011-2012:
a) Chairs Report

b) Treasurers Report 2011-2012

c) Resolution regarding Audit of Accounts

d) Election of Directors/co-opted directors



Chair opens monthly meeting 7.30pm


Guest speaker: Ms Patricia Napier (Barrister) who has been advising leaseholders and acting for them on a Pro Bono basis. 7.35pm-8pm


Questions and answers from leaseholders 8pm-8.30pm



Any other business 8.30pm-9pm
NP:- Please let other leaseholders know about this meeting especially those who do not have email or tweet / RT this event.thank you.

Hosting the meeting:- Dr B.S. Potter Chairman ILA

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ILA monthly meet 9.5.12

Islington Leaseholders Meeting 

on Wednesday  9th  May 2012

in Islington Town Hall Chambers

at   7 – 9pm
Hosting the meeting:- Dr Brian Potter
Guest Speakers:- TBA
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ILA monthly meet Wed. 14 Dec 2011

Islington Leaseholders Monthly Meeting is

Wednesday 14 December 2011


Islington Town Hall Chambers


7pm – 9pm

Hosting the meeting Dr Brian Potter Chairman ILA

Guest Speaker: Two legal representatives from ‘LEASE’
Taking questions and answering leaseholders issues from the floor.

Please tell all leaseholders on your Estates and in Street

properties to attend especially those who do not have email.

Update your memberships here


Dr B.S. Potter ILA Chairman


t. @ilaorguk





Billions of taxpayers money wasted by council on PFI schemes says Gazette

Residents will pay almost £1billion into the hands of big business and banks as a result of expensive contracts agreed by Islington Council.

Treasury figures obtained by the Gazette show £358million was borrowed from Private Finance Initiative (PFI) schemes, which will rocket to £1.3 billion – almost four times the initial outlay – by the time it is paid off in 2037.

This means £943million extra will be paid by Islington taxpayers, though this figure does include maintenance on the projects for the length of the contracts.  more