Leaseholder & Freeholder Open Day – Wed 15th October 2014

Come along to the leaseholder open day, and say hello to various ILA directors who will be there.

You can also  talk to Council, Mears, Partners, BreyerGroup about:

Your annual or major works service charges

Future works to your block or estate

Subletting or selling your property

Meet: LEASE – the independent leasehold advice service

Zurich Municipal – building insurance provider

St Mungo’s Broadway – for money and benefit advice

Credit Union – community savings and loans

Building Control – advice on building regulations

Find out more about:

Islington Residential, our property management service for leaseholders who sublet their property

How to have your say

Assisted switching service – assistance with changing energy supplier



Islington Assembly Halls

Upper street

N1 2UD


Call for photo evidence of poor Council or Partners workmanship on your home

The ILA are looking for photo evidence from Leaseholders of poor workmanship on their home from Islington Council and Partners workers and their contractors for possible publication on our website and social media.

Please email ILA links to your digital photos to this address with name of the contractor.

or send copies of physical photos  to: PO BOX 66633, London N1 1AA


Note: Please don’t send more that your 5 best photos – but tell us if you have more,  We can’t return copies of physical photos and paper photocopies may not be be good enough to publish

Leaseholders may be charged £1300 per year + to pay other council bills?

Islington Council have been recently been formulating the  LBI ‘Housing Asset Strategy’ – which is Islington Councils 30 year programme for us all.
 In  clause 7.2 LBI estimate they will be spending “£39m + inflation” every year on housing work, so leaseholders 1/3rd share would be approximately £13m + inflation bills between 10,000 leaseholders = £1300 every year + bills !!
Quite a lot of the report is  nothing to do with ‘housing’ although they have clearly stated the ‘Housing Asset’ part will be used to fund it.
If any Leaseholders ( particularly those with specialist knowledge debt finance/ accountancy ) have any comments on how the proposals in report  might impact leaseholders, the ILA would like to hear from you.


Overseas Investors make London Housing affordability worse

A report from the Smith Institute last week (quoted by Jules Birch in “Inside Housing”) concluded that over 60 per cent of new homes in central London are currently being bought by overseas investors and that a large proportion of them are being kept empty.

If there is extra overseas demand for limited supply that is already inadequate to meet domestic demand then that must be increasing (or propping up) prices and making the overall affordability situation worse. That has to be a cause of concern for the UK government, especially when overseas governments are taking action in their own markets. Full Story Here