ILA General Meeting

Wednesday 8th October, 7pm – Islington Town Hall, Upper Street

Our last general meeting, on 16th April 2008, was packed by leaseholders in the Borough’s biggest public meeting for years, to hear about the progress made by the ILA.

The ILA’s Directors set out a vision for an Independent Islington Leaseholders Association to speak for all of Islington Council’s leaseholders. The ILA’s vision is become a professional body, funded by subscriptions, and also to negotiate with Homes for Islington and Partners as a consultative body.

The meeting agreed the Islington Leaseholders Association Board’s proposal to provide professional services as soon as possible and also voted to pursue the following aims:

  • Re-institute the monthly public meetings at the Town Hall for all leaseholders.
  • Hold 3 General Meetings of the ILA a year at the Town Hall.
  • Introduce £20 subscription when practicable.
  • Keep the NewsLetter independent.
  • Help set up local Associations.
  • Institute a forum feature on the website.
  • The ILA to campaign locally and nationally.