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Leaseholders and Scaffolding

It has been brought to ILA’s notice that scaffolders are not being pursued for costs for which they are supposedly insured (and presumably should extend to all damage caused).

It states on the information pack for a Scaffolding Licence that –

“All applicants must hold a public liability Insurance policy in for the sum of £5 million or above.”

Leaseholders should note that scaffolders usually need a Licence to erect scaffolding at any given location and that if scaffolding really is needed for major works, members should ask for a copy of the Licence. Furthermore, if damage is caused by scaffolding in any way, then members should ensure that all associated costs are claimed under the scaffolder’s insurance (rather than the leaseholder accept to pay those costs instead).

We strongly recommend that photos be taken of any damage.

If members have mistakenly paid bills including works arising from damage caused by scaffolding (proof being available in Reports etc), we suggest that they contact HfI, Partners or the Council to ask for reimbursement.

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