audit committee report by HFI on overcharging of leaseholders 27 Jan 2011

Dear Islington Leaseholders,

THURSDAY,    27 January  2011

7.30 pm

Audit  Committee  room  4

Town Hall,
Upper Street,

Come along and hear whether you’ve been overcharged?

Call for ‘independent’ body to investigate housing overcharging allegations

Some leaseholder have queried:
Will we or won’t we hear the full results of the PricewaterhouseCoopers’ special investigation ?

Why wasn’t the 1st phase continued by Pwc but by the very HfI Officer responsible for Performance instead ?

Why didn’t the independent skilled Internal Audit Team undertake the work ?

Is this especially odd as important Leaseholder financial issues were identified ?

The council say “At the last audit committee meeting, the report into PFI confirmed there had been no fraud – but the council were concerned to learn there had been overcharging of leaseholders in some cases.

The committee asked for the original sample of 20 properties investigated by PWC to be extended, and so we instructed HFI to investigate a further sample of randomly-selected cases. The results of this investigation will be reported back to the audit committee.

The report going to audit committee next week on January 27th will be public and will give an indication of the nature of the work.”

ILA Open Meeting 12.01.2011 Town Hall

Dear Islington Leaseholders,

The next Islington Leaseholders Monthly Meeting is first one of the new year. hic.

on : Wednesday  12th January  2011

Venue :Islington Town Hall Chambers

time; 7pm – 9pm

Hosting the meeting: Dr Brian Potter, ILA Chairman

Guest Speakers:

Guest Speaker: Cllr James Murray (Chair of Housing)

If you wish to become a subscribing member or renew your existing membership, please download a form from  here.

Please tell other leaseholders on your Estates and in Street Properties to attend especially those who do not have email


Please find available for download the insurance presentation (powerpoint file only) made recently at the Islington Leaseholder Association Meeting of 10th November 2010 by JLT on behalf of London Borough of Islington/Homes for Islington regarding  Leasehold Insurance Policy.

It includes  some  interesting info about insuring homes, claims procedure, statistics, claims terminology, policy excess, 3rd party claims in Islington

JLT are the appointed insurance broker to London Borough of Islington in respect of the Leasehold Insurance Policy