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White paper proposes to make ALMO’s independent – make your feelings clear if you receive council questionaire

Tribune letter edit

Many resident have recently received a questionnaire from the council regarding the future of Islington’s council housing , and you should also be aware of governments intention to move “arm’s-length management organisations (ALMO’s) in social housing into the housing association sector”

Despite strenuously denying the possibility of allowing Homes for Islington (ALMO) to metamorphose into a Housing Associations, Islington council, via their latest extremely ambiguous, and divisive questionnaire, leaves the way open for HFI’s continued presence in Islington

Dr. B. S. Potter, Chairman FITA / ILA  suggests draw a line across each page and write in the “comments section” Close HFI…TUPE all staff back to the council…and return Islington’s housing stock back under the direct management of Islington council, and our ELECTED councilors…This statement clearly indicates to the council that we consider council homes safer under the council then in a private company. If you agree…go to and have your say without it being re-interpreted…!!!  More




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