ILA AGM & Meeting Wed 13 June 2012


Islington Leaseholders Association


(meeting in public)

Wednesday 13th June 2012, 7pm

Main Council Chamber, Islington Town Hall,

Upper Street N1




Introduction and Annual General Meeting 2011-2012:
a) Chairs Report

b) Treasurers Report 2011-2012

c) Resolution regarding Audit of Accounts

d) Election of Directors/co-opted directors



Chair opens monthly meeting 7.30pm


Guest speaker: Ms Patricia Napier (Barrister) who has been advising leaseholders and acting for them on a Pro Bono basis. 7.35pm-8pm


Questions and answers from leaseholders 8pm-8.30pm



Any other business 8.30pm-9pm
NP:- Please let other leaseholders know about this meeting especially those who do not have email or tweet / RT this event.thank you.

Hosting the meeting:- Dr B.S. Potter Chairman ILA

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Woman saves Islington taxpayers a fortune after spotting council window blunder

By JON DEAN Thursday, May 10, 2012
A woman was horrified when she found the council planned to charge her to replace the windows in her home – even though they were still covered under guarantee.

Vicki Leonard, 55, of Haslam Close, Islington, says the council had no idea about the warranty and was set to charge all the block’s residents for the work.

She called to protest, and says the council officer knew nothing about the 10-year-promise.

A spokesman for the council said: “The council retains guarantees for major works and we apologise that in this case there was an unacceptable delay in dealing with this request.” more

LVT refuse Islington council appeal against poor works and overcharging decision – Tremlett Grove vs LBI

The LVT recently confirmed that it considers Islington council Major Works charges were not reasonably incurred, and that one roof had been replaced & charged for without any clear evidence of inspection by the council, and that leaseholders were entitled to expect that blocks were inspected before substantial costs were incurred.

The LVT upheld it original decision of Merryweather & Brennand court vs LBI 29.3.12

The leaseholders concerned saved 10’s of thousands of pounds off their bills.

The council may still appeal again, but the real questions are why is the council wasting taxpayers money in making appeals rather than investigating its contractor(s) and staff responsible for the issues pointed out by the LVT ? and Is the Council going to obtain a full refund for the overcharging from its contractors so all tenants affected can benefit from the LVT decision , or are LBI to pass the cost back onto tenants and leaseholders in increased service charges in future bills ?

You can read the refusal statement LVT Refusal statement 26 April 2012

The LVT upheld it original decision of  Merryweather & Brennand court vs LBI 29.3.12 see below post LVT – Merryweather & Brennand court vs LBI 29.3.12

ILA monthly meet 9.5.12

Islington Leaseholders Meeting 

on Wednesday  9th  May 2012

in Islington Town Hall Chambers

at   7 – 9pm
Hosting the meeting:- Dr Brian Potter
Guest Speakers:- TBA
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