ILA meet Wed 9th july 2014

Islington Leaseholders Association Meeting


Wednesday 9th July 2014


Islington Town Hall


7pm – 9pm

Guest Speaker: Mr Ross Howarth the “Housing Ombudsman Service” adjudicator.

Hosting the meeting: Dr Brian Potter Chairman (ILA)

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Partners repairs drop-in sessions

If you’ve got a repair issue with your Partners managed property you can go and see them in person.


Here is a programme of dates for Partners repairs drop-in sessions.

They are running monthly, alternating at the office and just before the forum.

Thursday 17th July (5.30-6.30pm) – Islington Town Hall

Wednesday 20th August (2-4pm) – Colebrooke Place

Thursday 18th September (5.30-6.30pm) – Islington Town Hall

Wednesday 22nd October (2-4pm) – Colebrooke Place

Thursday 19th November (5.30-6.30pm) – Islington Town Hall

Wednesday 17th December (2-4pm) – Colebrooke Place.

Complaints Process Information

Please read this and see if it affects you.



If the answer is yes, please attend the next ILA meeting (on Wednesday in Townhall at 7pm) and ask questions relating to this process of our guest:

The “Adjudicator” of the “Housing Ombudsmen Service”

Dr. B.S. Potter ( Chairman ILA)