Cherrypicking Works

Housing works on scaffolding or works on a cherry picker?

The below photo’s show a viable alternative to miles of scaffolding poles, in place in tenants property for months…at a fraction of the cost/damage and inconvenience to tenants…

The first two photos show a cherry picker in action…and the last one shows the quality of the work (which appears to be quite acceptable…compared to what we are used to in Islington)

Cherry Picker in action 1

Cherry Picker in action 1

Cherry Picker in action 2

Cherry Picker in action 2

Quality of works by Cherry Picker

Quality of works by Cherry Picker

“WESTLAW” free of charge in all of Islington’s Libraries.

Dr Brian Potter Chairman (ILA) has asked me to forward this onto you all.
I have just discovered that you can access “WESTLAW” free of charge in all of Islington’s Libraries.If you need to research any form of law documentation…all that you need is a library card…!!!

Dr B.S. Potter Chairman (ILA)


Leaseholder & Freeholder Open Day – Wed 15th October 2014

Come along to the leaseholder open day, and say hello to various ILA directors who will be there.

You can also  talk to Council, Mears, Partners, BreyerGroup about:

Your annual or major works service charges

Future works to your block or estate

Subletting or selling your property

Meet: LEASE – the independent leasehold advice service

Zurich Municipal – building insurance provider

St Mungo’s Broadway – for money and benefit advice

Credit Union – community savings and loans

Building Control – advice on building regulations

Find out more about:

Islington Residential, our property management service for leaseholders who sublet their property

How to have your say

Assisted switching service – assistance with changing energy supplier



Islington Assembly Halls

Upper street

N1 2UD


People vs PFI conference 01. 11.14

Join us on the 1st November, 9am – 5:30pm at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine for the inaugural People vs PFI conference, bringing together academics, medical professionals, campaigners, researchers, journalists and grassroots organisations to discuss the problem of PFI, and to brainstorm political and practical solutions – with a focus on PFI in the NHS and social housing.

Speakers include: Richard Brooks (Private Eye), Ann Pettifor (Advocacy International), Nick Hildyard (Corner House) Ashley Seagar (Intergenerational Foundation, formerly The Guardian), Cat Hobbs (We Own it), Fran Boait (Positive Money), David McCoy (Medact), David Price (Queen Mary University London) Stuart Hodkinson (University of Leeds) John Lister (Keep Our NHS Public), and Dexter Whitfield (European Services Strategy Unit), with more speakers to be confirmed.

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The Cyclical Improvement Programme

Islington Council has prepared it’s draft seven year Cyclical Improvement Programme. This programme will examine elements of work including roofs, windows, brickwork and external and communal decorations to ensure they are in good order for the next 7 years at least.

The seven year programme started in 2011 and completes in 2018. If you have work completed within this cycle you will be advised shortly of your next cyclical date.

This link applies to blocks and not street properties so it doesn’t apply to PFI.

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