Partners PFI Scrutiny meeting Tues 12.02.19

Scrutiny of Partners for Improvement in Islington’s performance

Partners for Islington’s Managing Director Tom Irvine will be giving evidence.

Islington Council’s Housing Scrutiny Committee

Next Tuesday Evening 12th February 2019

Committee Room 4

Islington Town Hall, Upper Street

The chair does accept questions from members of the public but only providing that they have been present from the start of the meeting. The meeting starts at 19.30 (seven thirty) 

The agenda can be accessed at:-

This is a rare opportunity to hear how the mananging agents of Islington Council’s street properties can justify their performance.

The larger Partners for Improvement in Islington’s two contracts will come to an end in just three years and they have now to get the properties into a fit state to hand back to the Council.

Get your friends and neighbours to come with you.

The greater the number of residents that attend this meeting the more attention the Council will take to what is said.

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