Who we are and what we do:
Set up in 2007, we are leaseholders of Islington ex-local authority properties and our aim is to to ensure that Islington Council, its managing agent(s)  and Partners, provide leaseholders with a better service and better value for money. We raise awareness amongst leaseholders as to how to oppose costly and unnecessary service charges and bills for major works.

What do we do and why is it important:
We are rapidly approaching a new major works investment cycle, i.e. refurbishment of properties, some leaseholders have already received bills for upwards of £30k. This is outrageous and sometimes due to shoddy procurement and contract management processes that enable contractors to run rings around Islington Council. We are the ones that suffer. The ILA acts as the leaseholders voice trying to bring order to this chaos.

Why you are important
We need your support in a number of ways;
* Make contact with the ILA and stay connected – join mailing list
* Attend meetings where possible
* Provide us with documented evidence of outrageous bills or poor practice
* Join the ILA for an annual £20 subscription – subscribe now


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