White paper reveals proposals to make ALMO’s independent 20.7.11


Jon Dean

White paper reveals proposals to make ALMO’s independent

Many resident have recently received a questionnaire from the council regarding the future of Islington’s council housing , therefore, it is of paramount importance that they should be made aware of the governments latest “White Paper on Open Public Services”, which was presented earlier this week. Of principle interest to Islington’s residents is the statement, (Paraphrased)…“That ministers will explore ‘whether semi-autonomous public sector bodies should now be made fully autonomous, for example…“by moving arm’s-length management organisations (ALMO’s) in social housing into the housing association sector”…

The paper continues: …‘We now want to embed across our public services the idea of diverse and innovative providers competing to raise standards. This includes freeing up those already working in the public sector so that they can find new and better ways to deliver services.’

Despite strenuously denying the possibility of allowing Homes for Islington (ALMO) to metamorphose into a Housing Associations, Islington council, via their latest extremely ambiguous, and divisive questionnaire, leaves the way open for HFI’s continued presence in Islington, regardless of the surveys actual outcome, since in the final analysis the council will simply interpret the results to fit the position which it has already decided suits its purpose.

Personally I will not be ticking any of their well constructed questions, as this will allow the council to use the result, as they wish…instead I will simply draw a line across each page and write in the “comments section” Close HFI…TUPE all staff back to the council…and return Islington’s housing stock back under the direct management of Islington council, and our ELECTED councilors…This statement does not allow for divisive misinterpretation or speculation…but clearly indicates to the council that I consider council homes safer under the council then in a private company. If you agree…go to www.disbandHFI.org.uk and have your say without it being re-interpreted…!!!

Dr. B. S. Potter

Chairman FITA / ILA

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