Thousands of Islington resident’s incl. Partners Leaseholders excluded from being “Independent Tenant Adviser” 6.11

Predictably so, Islington Council, under instructions from the current Labour administration, having vociferously promoted their latest policy of Tenant Empowerment, by what they euphemistically refer to as their “Fairness Commission”, have once again managed to effectively exclude thousands of Islington resident’s from participating in their latest fiasco.Last Thursday by sheer chance, I attended a meeting organised by the council to pick a group of tenants to form a selection committee. This rather privileged body, it transpires, is to interview and choose an applicant (a paid post..!!!) for the newly created position of “Independent Tenant Adviser”.

Since the Tenant Adviser’s main purpose is to advise Islington’s council and councillor’s on the resident’s opinion regarding the future management of the borough, the selection process and monitoring of this position, is of paramount importance to the public’s perception regarding the legitimacy of its implementation. A far cry from the previous Lib-Dem administrations extremely dictatorial attitude, you could be forgiven for thinking?

However, although the council assured me in public, that at “no point, in any way, shape or form” had Homes for Islington (HFI) been involved in this selection process, the closer I looked into the specifics of the selection the more flawed it appeared to be.

When pressed on the subject, the council finally admitted that they had only addressed the issue of committee applicants by reference to…YOU’VE GOT IT…HFI’s current “tenant involvement register” of 900 residents personally serviced by HFI, notably, a private management company!

In essence, they automatically excluded, and thereby disenfranchised all other bodies in the borough, such as the PFI’s, TMO’s, and Co-Op’s, from the most important procedure of the whole undertaking. Furthermore, their explanation for writing off thousands of Islington’s tenants, without mentioning it, was quite simply…”it doesn’t affect them”…So we didn’t bother!

Rubbish…the future management of this borough affects EVERY tenant, not just the favoured few…So, once again…Social Engineering prevails…Tenant Exclusion Masquerading as Involvement…!!!

Dr B. S. Potter.
Chairman: – Federation of Islington Tenants Association (FITA) Islington Leaseholders Association (ILA).

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