My upstairs neighbour has flooded me again

My upstairs neighbour has flooded me again

LEASEHOLDER NITTY GRITTY – What do you do about it?

Twice now, my leaseholder neighbour living upstairs has sent water through my ceiling to drip on my furniture and carpets. First their faulty toilet, then their washing machine overflowed. Actually, the leaseholders were different because the upstairs property changed hands between the two events.


In view of the fact that HfI does not cater for these eventualities for leaseholders, here is how I dealt with them :


I went round the block and asked for leaseholder e-mail addresses and phone numbers, (all seemed willing to give me this information). I then wrote down what I understood to be the procedure to be followed with OCASO the insurers and checked it with them. I then distributed the information + all our e-mail and telephone information, not forgetting the phone number of a good local plumber.


We now have an integrated self-help system which appears to work with   regular updating. What happens if a leaseholder goes off on extended holiday and can’t be contacted has yet to be explored.


If any Islington leaseholder has similar hard won experience, advice or suggestions to share , why not send it into ILA.

or add below.

Miranda Perfitt

ParkView Estate

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