Partners PFI2 Availabilty Standard

Islington Council has set an “availability standard”  with Partners up to which all properties must be brought within 6 years of the start of each project. For example, to make sure a property is “available” one of the “availability standards” is that it should be watertight. This would mean that a home with a leaking roof would fail the availability standard.

All tenants and leaseholders will have the structure, the outside of their properties and shared areas brought up to the availability standard and to a good standard of repair.

The above information is a document or quality guide standard to which those major works being done by Partners round 2 contract should be achieving.

You may wish to review this document to compare and or contrast to the work being done on your property, and if necessary to remind managing agents of the target standard of work they should be delivering, and to guide you if your concerns about the work, will possibly be acceptable to Partners.

There are different works being done depending in whether you are a tenant or a leaseholder e.g. leaseholder works are those with an asterix in the 4th column on the spreadsheet

If your works are being done by Partners, you can get your own uptodate copy by emailing partners:
“Dear Partners,
I’d like to request a copy of the Availability Standard
I’m in the ROUND [1 or 2 – delete as necessary] CONTRACT
and state name and address.”

Download Old version
PFI 2 Availablility Standard

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