New Fire Safety Rules about your front door

Have you received a letter from Home Ownership recently on this topic?
‘Leaseholders have a duty to ensure the from door to their front door is fire and smoke resistant (for up to 30 minutes)’
‘London Fire Brigade may take action to enforce the required improvements’.
Have you wondered what you should do?
When I rang for advice, the Fire Brigade duty officer knew nothing about it and the project team listed in the letter were on annual leave.
This is what I did.
I measured the width of my door. It was the required 44 mm thick.
The door was of solid wood when I knocked on it several times.
I bought a PERCO-Invisible Door Closer for £15.58 at  278 Holloway Road, and found it in the Highbury Barn hardware shop.
My carpenter is coming to fit this closer as soon as he can after I come back from holiday myself.
Let us see what more Home Ownership want us leaseholders to do to our doors.
Miranda Perfitt
Disclaimer: This is for your info only,  you follow it at your own risk,  as the ILA are not insured to give advice.