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Land Registry Sell Off‏ – Petition

Fellow Leaseholders,
 Please click on and view this:

The government wants to privatise the Land Registry – a huge public database that records the sale of all houses and land in England and Wales. If private corporations get their hands on the Land Registry, they’ll have just one thing on their minds – profits.

A privatised Land Registry would mean a hike in prices for all of us, or a fall in standards because of cost-cutting measures. And experts have said the privatisation could cause corruption and abuse in the land and property market.

The government is hoping they can go full steam ahead on their plans – but if we can show overwhelming public opposition, they could take privatisation off the table entirely. Can you add your voice and stand up for the Land Registry, a profitable and transparent public service?

Just click this link to sign the petition now:

Regards Dr B.S Potter Chairman (ILA)