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Council meet to ban Partners Resident Forum?

Council  meet  to ban Partners Resident Forum?

The ILA voted at their AGM to totally boycott the Councils new Residents’ Improvement Taskforce  and therefore its scrutiny panel) process…as it is un-democratic and un-representative of leaseholders in the borough.

It  look like Islington Council are now trying to do away with one of the few remaining structures of the  pre-Residents’ Improvement Taskforce system, that is the  unpaid volunteer “Partners Resident Forum” (which improves service for Partners Leaseholders & Tenants)  because the PRF shows some independence of Council.

The Council is starting this process by imposing new rules and regulations for spurious  reasons on the forum, without providing any evidence for its alleged issues to, or  allowing any democratic debate by the forum.

These  undemocratic changes  may be formalised  without involving the Forum, at the  following council meeting this  Thursday  13th March, Town Hall committee room 4 @ 6pm.

Please attend, bring friends,they do not have to be in Partners properties,  just those whom object to these changes not coming to the Forum 1st, or the undemocratic way the  council is trying to rush this through, without informing Partners tenants & Leaseholders!

Residents’ Improvement Taskforce arrangement update report Download  

Update:14.03.14 – Thanks to everyone that attended,  The Council are rescheduling any decision for the moment. We will need to wait to see what happens in the future.